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Frequently Asked Questions - WIN Greeley

The price of a home inspection depends on several factors such as the size of the home, age of the home, location, foundation type, and the additional optional services you choose. Please contact your WIN Home Inspector to get a quote for your home inspection.

WIN Home Inspection brings state of the art equipment to the inspection. A standard home inspection takes about 2-4 hours depending on the size and age of the home.

A standard WIN Home Inspection covers the following areas – site, foundation, roofing, exterior, interior, plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Ideally, home buyers should have a full home inspection prior to closing on their most valued real estate transaction. If a fast closure does not allow time for a home inspection, you can choose a post-close home inspection to identify health and safety issues, needed repairs, and required maintenance items prior to moving in. Home buyers purchasing a new build home should also have a one-year warranty inspection (or new construction inspection) before the builder’s warranty expires. Home sellers should have a pre-listing home inspection before placing their home on the market. Making needed repairs before listing a home can save money later and result in a faster closure. Homeowners should also consider having a full home inspection every 3 years to check on the current condition of the home and catch health and safety issues before they become larger risks.

For buyer’s inspection, home buyers pay for the inspection. For pre-listing inspection, home sellers pay for the inspection.

While this is not necessary, we recommend that clients should attend the home inspection. This is not just a home inspection but also a home tour to understand the condition of the home.

The homeowners/home sellers may verify the completed repairs by hiring the home inspector for a re-inspection.

A home is one of the most valued purchases one makes. And therefore, for the home buyer/buyer’s agent, it is important to know the condition of the home before closing the transaction to avoid any major expense in home repairs. For the home seller/seller’s agent, it is good to get the home inspection before listing the home to understand the condition of the home, the issues that may come up during the transaction, and in some cases proactively make the repairs ahead of time.

Yes, home buyers can and should be present during the home inspection. At WIN Home Inspection we provide a thorough home inspection that is also a home tour. It provides buyers an opportunity to discuss findings with the inspector, gain more knowledge about the condition of the home, and get a “home tour” to learn how things in the homework. The home inspector can also discuss recommendations for regular maintenance in the home.

Yes, sellers can be present during the pre-listing home inspection. It gives them first-hand clarity on the issues in the home and helps them understand the repairs or pricing of the home. The inspector can help the seller prioritize items to be fixed that may help the home sell faster.

A home appraisal assesses the value of a property while an inspection assesses the condition of a property and its components. A home appraisal is most often used by a lender to decide whether a particular property justifies the amount of money the borrower is requesting.

No, the home inspector only assesses a home and provides an unbiased report on the condition of the home. This practice is followed to avoid any conflict of interest on what the inspector finds and reports on.

A visual and easy-to-read WIN Home Inspection Report is delivered to you within 24 hours after the inspection. We encourage you to read the entire report and call us with any questions that you may have after reading it.

WIN Home Inspection Greeley provides essential Home Inspection services in Greeley, Evans, Severance, Eaton, Ault, Pierce, Nunn, Kersey, Wiggins, Fort Morgan, Brush, and Cheyenne.

WIN Home Inspection Greeley provides Full Home Inspection, Pre-Listing Inspection, Pre-Offer Inspection, Condominium/Townhome/Multiplex/Duplex Inspection, Healthy Home Check, Commercial Inspection, Home Buyer Consultation, One Year Anniversary, and Move In Inspection, along with additional services such as Radon Testing, Sewer Scope Inspection, Infrared Scan (IR), Pool & Spa Inspection, Lead Testing, Water Quality Testing, Pest Inspection, and Mold Tesing​.

The price of a home inspection depends on various factors such as size of the home, age of the home, foundation type and the additional services you opt for. Please contact your WIN Home Inspector – Greeley to get quote for your home inspection.

WIN Home Inspection Greeley provides Mold Test as an additional service which you may opt for along with your professional home inspection or as a standalone service.

WIN Home Inspection Greeley provides Wood Destroying Insects (WDI)/Termite Inspection as an additional service which you may opt for along with your professional home inspection or as a standalone service.